TUMBLEMANIA Class Schedule Effective September 1, 2020

Dear Tumblemania Families,

Just a reminder that the mask and distancing order for Alachua County remains in effect. Businesses have received notification from the County that we are still required to keep our signs posted and have employees wear masks. All spectators in the lobby are required to wear a mask and distance. With the distancing requirement, our lobby capacity is 10 maximum.

🍁Good news! Fall is here and the weather is looking up. We will be able to start using our patio seating more!!


🙂 Please help us out and take a head count. If the lobby is full, please utilize the patio. We appreciate your help in continuing to keep our gym families safe!


😷 Remember….it’s not too much to mASK

The gym is open and we are taking enrollment as well as a waitlist for those classes at capacity! 
The fall class schedule is posted above. I am posting new gym procedures below and will post ongoing updates as I continue to receive updated information. In order to comply with state and county regulations, we need to make a number of changes to the class schedule as well as our daily procedures. At this time, we must implement social distancing, require masks for employees and all spectators, and sanitize equipment/surfaces after each child.  

Reminders & Updates for Daily Procedures

When you arrive for class, we will be following new screening procedures for all students and spectators. We greatly appreciate your help in following these steps to keep the gym running smoothly!

  • Please keep your children with you at your seat in the lobby when you arrive. We cannot allow the children to line up at the door to the gym inside the lobby as they are accustomed because there is not room for social distancing.
  • We will come to you at your seat to complete our 3 step check-in procedure. Once your child is checked in, he/she will be sent to a coach inside the gym to line up for warm-up:
    1. Answer the screening questions. (see flyer below)
    2. Take the temperature of the child participating in class. As recommended by the CDC, any child with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher may not remain at the gym. We will be using a no contact forehead thermometer. Temperature checks are not required for spectators.
    3. Wash hands prior to entering the gym.   
  • All employees will go through the same screening process each day as our students including temperature checks.
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bottle for your child! 
  • The biggest question is “What can we do at gym with social distancing?”

We can focus on FUN and FITNESS! We are able to:

1. stretch
2. condition
3. do drills for learning new skills
4. practice mastered skills with a safety spot
5. play games (this is really strengthening and conditioning – please don’t tell the kids :))
  • Can we safely use the trampolines and tumbling floor? Yes!
We can use the trampolines and tumbling floor for drills and mastered skills with a safety spot. 

We can also use our creativity to set up obstacle courses as well as drill stations using our various mats and supplies such as jump ropes, scooter boards, balls, noodles, and more! The options are endless!!  

  • Are the children required to wear masks?

The children are not required to wear masks during class. Masks are recommended by the CDC and required at this time by Alachua County for most spectators in the lobby (see the mask flyer below). Coaches are also recommended to wear masks as it is possible that we will not always be able to social distance from the children. Coaches will be wearing masks the majority of the time. Coaches may be seen to briefly take of their masks IF they are more than 6 feet away from ALL children. For instance, if all of the children are at one end of the tumble track, and the coach is at the far opposite end, the coach may take off his/her mask briefly to give the class instructions and to take a “breathing break”.     

  • Why is the Preschool program not starting until July?

We felt it would be safer to wait to begin our Preschool program as we need to be in closer contact for greater periods of time with this age group when teaching. We hope that we will have moved to Phase 2 by the beginning of July and it will be safer to bring our Preschoolers into the gym environment at this time. 

  • Can parents still stay and watch class?

Yes. The lobby will be open but with social distancing measures in place. We will also have the bay door open to allow for additional ventilation and overflow seating. Parents may bring a chair to use on the patio outside or I have the extra chairs from the lobby. Social distancing will be required on the outside patio as well.  

  • What else do we need to know?

Please see the Spectator and Class Participation Screening flyer below. These are the four COVID-19 screening questions that must be answered each week prior to participation. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you or your child may not enter the gym. This sign will be posted on the gym door. Please be aware of these questions and do not come to class if you or your child are not healthy. We appreciate your help in keeping our gym safe!  

Please bring a water bottle for your child. We are not able to use the drinking fountain at this time. 

Please arrive on time and not early. We have to monitor the traffic flow for social distancing. We will be dismissing the children one at a time at the end of class so that we can adhere to social distancing in the lobby between classes. We appreciate your help with transitioning. 

Thank you for helping us help your child with our new normal! We will still be giving your children LOTS of praise but unfortunately we cannot give hugs. We can give air high 5’s and a smile goes a long way:) We will all get through this together! 

Class sizes will be limited. Please call or email (marciakschneider@gmail.com) to enroll your child!! Monthly fees for June will be prorated in half for all students who were enrolled in the month of March.  Additionally, all annual renewal fees will be waived for 2020-2021.       

I am continually monitoring and receiving new information on how to best handle COVID-19. We are highly dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for our children, families, and coaches. We cannot wait to see you back at the gym!!


COVID_19 Flyer_Spectator and Class Participation Screening         

COVID_19 Flyer_Masks

COVID Lobby Capacity Parent Letter






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